Jean-Pierre Arnaud


Aptitude: Kinetic =
Muscle =
Stamina =
Coordination =
Reactions =
Health =
Vitality =
Reason =
Sanity =
Willpower =
Charisma =
Intuition =
Perception =

Kinetic Powers



  • Combat:


Allied with America in most places the French still seek to influence politics in both Canada and American territory. Providing wealth, aide and intelligence to drain other European powers while advancing French interests to become the preeminent partner of America. There is a sense of camaraderie in democracy. The character’s strengths are a jack of all trades, a knowledge of persuasion and seduction.

The agent is on loan to the agency as part of an inter-governmental cooperation effort. The French have no interest in territory so deep and the agency hopes to use his skills as an experienced agent without fear of any plots his government may foist upon him.

Jean-Pierre Arnaud

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