Oota Dabun

Name means "day star" (Algonquin)


Aptitude: Kinetic =
Muscle =
Stamina =
Coordination =
Reactions =
Health =
Vitality =
Reason =
Sanity =
Willpower =
Charisma =
Intuition =
Perception =

Kinetic Powers



  • Combat:


Fighting white incursion by trying to control and teach the white man in his conquest to prevent the worst of looming settlement and industrialization from harming the land. The later is the story they present on the surface – but he is a cultural asset to his people as a spy amidst the whites. The natives have a huge amount of land and interest at stake and do not want war to break out again. This characters strengths lie in scouting and reconnaissance.

He has served the agency in dealings with native before. His interest in the territories is the recent settlement of tribes there – the agency feels he may be a valuable asset if any dealings with them are involved.

Oota Dabun

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