Action Points = 3 (start)

Aptitude: Kinetic = 4

Muscle = 4

Stamina = 6 (1CS)

Coordination = 4

Reactions = 6 (

Health = 6 (+1CS)

Vitality = 4

Reason = 4

Sanity = 4

Willpower = 3

Charisma = 3

Intuition = 4

Perception = 4


Equipment, Good Luck, Less Sleep, Accelerated Healing, Kinetic Faculty 4


  • Combat: personal tactics 2 (+1 init. & resist knock back), martial arts 7, melee 3, evade 6, shoot 2, propel 4
  • Speak English 4, Cantonese 4, Mandarin 4
  • Physical: climb 1, jump 4, Ride 2
  • Meditation 4, Botany 4, chemistry 2, Zoology 1, Demolitions 6 (from working on the railroad; basic gunpowder + dynamite familiarities)

Kinetic Powers + Martial Arts

Power= 5chi, Swift= 10chi

[fend] Can parry melee weapons with a reach of 1 with an unarmed parry

[melee] Knock Back: ALU x 10 on a full hit for calculating KB vs. unarmored [Dmg+70/80 ENC]

[grapple] Hold maneuvers do fatigue damage (at initial success only) = ALU; even to armored opponents [Base Dmg.
7 Total]

[evade] For each 4 ALU, another evade maneuver [EM] may be attempted as counter to an already targeted action; it still takes 2 MA. The results are combined to assess total result degree countered. [+1EM/Counter Targeted Action RS]


Familiarity: firearm (small), knives, unarmed

Guns: 2 derringers (2 shot over-under) hidden in robes or in armpit holsters; damage 8/ AM 2 (can fire both at once with a -1 CS)

knives: Always a knife at his hip – regardless of garb.


Horse w/bit/bridle/saddle (+3 CS ride)

Trunk of Explosives

- Box of 20 extra bullets for the derringers





Preferred Garb and Look

Luan dresses in the style of his peoples – in a loose robe when leisure is called for and western trousers when practical. He disdains boots for sandals and thin socks. He is always clean and does not have to worry about facial hair. He wears his hair in a single braid. He avoids antagonizing westerners and does not wear a six-gun – preferring melee weapons and hidden, small caliber pistols instead. He always has a knife – more as a target for those seeking to fight him to concentrate on while he uses his martial arts or concealed weapons with surprise…


Luan only uses his surname amongst westerners. There is a rising Chinese population in the west. These communities could be very valuable with the right cultural inroads. Of course as an agent he is also trying to promote the value of his people and culture to the American melting pot. The character’s strengths lie in possible cultural connections, knowledge of herbs, kung fu, and demolitions.


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