Eleazar Domingo


Aptitude: Kinetic = 4
Muscle = 6
Stamina = 4
Coordination = 4
Reactions = 4
Health = 6
Vitality = 4
Reason = 3
Sanity = 3
Willpower =
Charisma =
Intuition =
Perception =

Kinetic Powers



  • Combat: Melee 4
  • Languages: (Speaks) English 4, Spanish 4, French 3, German 2, Hopi 3, Cantonese 1, Mandarin 1
  • Other: Ride 7


Eleazar is a bit of the swaggering Spaniard – coming from an old family and now torn between Mexican nationalism and the obvious colonial power of the United States. The lands of the SW are still contentious. Mexican agents are fighting to extend Spanish influence and stop the cultural spread of the United States. Texas annexation in 1845, 1850 Boundary Act in Texas and California statehood, and secession from the Union by Texas in 1861 provide a lot of instability in a large region of the SW. Utah, New Mexico, and all the area between Texas and California are up for grabs in some sense. The gold rush and various strikes in the SW provide a lot of incentive to leave a stretched government and tax burdens behind. This character strengths lie in languages, riding, and melee weapons.

He was recruited by the Union to their agent program because of his family ties and knowledge of the SW. He has worked well, and the agency wants to see how he fares outside his comfort zone – this mission is a perfect test of that.

Eleazar Domingo

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