Diakon Gustav Reimer


Aptitude: Kinetic =
Muscle = 4
Stamina = 5
Coordination = 4
Reactions = 4
Health = 5
Vitality = 6
Reason = 6
Sanity = 4
Willpower = 4
Charisma = 4
Intuition = 4
Perception = 6

Kinetic Powers



  • Combat: Shoot 4, Melee 2, Fend 3, Grapple 2, Propel 2
  • Craft: Mason 3
  • Lang: German 6, Lang: English 4


US Dollars


War is coming in Europe – for the Prussian Empire it is destiny. America has a large population of German immigrants, and it has a growing east coast industrial base the Germans are counting on to help produce war goods and possibly draw support away from her enemies by political support. This character’s strengths lie in financial backing, equipment, mining, and decent shooting skills.

His inclusion on a team is an exercise in governmental relations. He is not as trained an agent, coming from a mostly civilian background, but he is eager to see the wild west and how the Union handles itself.

Daikon has several industrial contacts at home and helped to start his country’s military on an industrialization path. He has access to a few prototype armaments.

Diakon Gustav Reimer

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