Ben Bailey


Aptitude: Kinetic =
Muscle =
Stamina =
Coordination =
Reactions =
Health =
Vitality =
Reason =
Sanity =
Willpower =
Charisma =
Intuition =
Perception =

Kinetic Powers



  • Combat:


Though most freed slaves will not have many skills needed for such a mission. Many slaves were taught specialized skills, his old master Bailey had him taught to tend the wounds of the field hands and the break up fights amongst the slaves. He can do basic tallying and make his name as well. This characters strengths lie in possible cultural connections, healing, grappling, and endurance – he also has a way with animals.

He was brought into the secret service in a sort of “affirmative action” type program. His inclusion on any team is a test more than anything else.

Ben Bailey

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