Beauregard Early


Aptitude: Kinetic = 4
Muscle =
Stamina =
Coordination =
Reactions =
Health =
Vitality =
Reason =
Sanity =
Willpower =
Charisma =
Intuition =
Perception =

Kinetic Powers



  • Combat:


The war is not over – far from it. Johnny reb’s grown smarter and stronger in some ways – though unable to confront the union directly. Slavery is dead – so be it. It was inevitable, but the dictation of economic and political shifts is seen as an exercise in simple despotism. For him its about the lost right of self determination – the cause of liberty and tyranny of an oppressive government. Though nominally a government asset, this reb is looking to stabilize Wyoming to join the succession-leaning Texas. This character’s strengths lie in a few connection, hunting and repair.

His connection is through the a territorial influence. There are many wealthy players still in the mid-west who want a different perspective brought in. He once worked against the Union but is brought in instead to help in this case.

Beauregard Early

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