Askel Norvino


Aptitude: Kinetic =
Muscle =
Stamina =
Coordination =
Reactions =
Health =
Vitality =
Reason =
Sanity =
Willpower =
Charisma =
Intuition =
Perception =

Kinetic Powers



  • Combat:


Freemason: Askel was named after his Scandinavian grandfather, and the offspring of Norwegian and Italian parents. His grandfather raised him mostly, entered him in the rolls of the secret society he was part of and set him on his path. Manipulation of all other powers in order to preserve stability and accomplish the specific goals of the founders of a noble nation under the free mason ideals is the cornerstone of all efforts. This character’s strengths lie in mystic knowledge, history, and high threshold to the unusual.

His connection to any team will be political, straight from someone at the top of the government who is also a mason.

Askel Norvino

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